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Global Lithium Battery Market Will Grow 15% Every Year from 2019 to 2025

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According to newest report from international market research agency Markets and Markets, from 2019 to 2015, the global lithium battery market would grow 15% by compound increase rate, and go from 37.4 billion in 2008 to 98 billion.

       As new energy vehicle, smart devices and automation industry develop, there is a calling for safe and reliable high voltage and high energy density batteries.

       Based on material type, NMC lithium battery market would expand the fastest within prediction window. The major advantage for NMC battery is its high energy density. Due to its optimum ratio of nickel, iron and cobaltic acid, NMC lithium battery achieves great stability along with sufficiently high energy density. It also has a great number of charge cycles, making it desirable to auto industries.

       Based on capacity range, within the prediction window, market would grow the fastest for batteries of 3000-10000 mAh capacity. These batteries are usually combined into modules and serve systems with heavy loads. Its strong power makes it useful in new energy vehicle and other industries. In 2018, 0-3000mAh batteries occupy the biggest market share, value wise. These batteries are often used in consumer industries. About 80% of consumer electronics run on 0-3000mAh power.

       Based on regional market, Europe will become the lithium market with the fastest growth. Europe hosts production sites for some of the biggest battery producers, such as Saft (France) and FIAMM (Italy). Wearable electronic market is presenting a positive growth curve in Europe. The presence and active involvement of The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association and Portable Rechargeable Battery Association (PRBA) are supporting applications of lithium batteries and safe use by setting up standards and certifications.

       Based on manufacturers, BYD (China), LG Chemicals (Korea), Panasonic (Japan), Samsung SDI (Korea), Bak Power (China), GS Yuasa (Japan), Hitachi (Japan). Johnson Controls (Ireland), Toshiba (Japan), Lithium Wreks (Holland), Contemporary Amperex (China), Saft group (France), Varta Storage (Germany), Farasis Energy (US) and Sila Nanotechnologies (US) are poised to become leaders in lithium-ion energy production.


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